Server Farming

IR offers a secure environment for servers. We also supply, install and maintain Linux and Windows servers.

Servers are protected from power failures and power surges by our UPS power supplies. This means your server remains up and running in the perfect environment.The premises is guarded 24 hours a day, and has an alarm system linked to a 24 hour armed response company.

We have two Co-Location facilities from basic hosting to high security also offering redundance.

Co-Location One

For small to medium clients requiring a cost effective but secure hosting solution.

The facility consists of the following:

• Air-conditioned systems.
• Fire detection systems.
• Dual backup UPS.
• Alarm linked to response company.
• Armed security.
• 24 hour monitored networks.

Co-Location Two

For larger clients looking for total security and hi-speed networks. This facility is a highly secure environment, with 4 x 150Mbs local access and 90Mbs international.

The facility consists of the following:

• Air-conditioned systems.
• Underfloor pressurised system.
• Fire detection systems.
• Fire suppression systems.
• UPS capacity – 400KVA.
• Generator capacity/generator – 1500KVA.
• Biometric Hand Print Scanning for access.